“Enjoyed the movie. It’s a good primer on Burgundy.”

James SucklingOne of the world's most influential wine critics

“Saw the film, loved it!”

Cathrine Todd@damewine

“There is a genuine honesty to the film’s narrative that gives viewers a chance to feel the emotional rollercoaster that is Burgundy.”

Julie AlbinWine Writer Wine Geographic

“There is something about this place, in the world of wine, that is unique. It brings out the passion in people. For the wine lovers of the universe, there’s something magnetic about Burgundy that brings you here.”

Michael MadrigaleNew York City Sommelier

“I love it! So charming, your movie transported me there!”

Michelle WilliamsForbes, Snooth & Rockin Red Blog

“Really enjoyed how you captured various aspects of Burgundian & French culture across winemaking.”

Dr. Elizabeth Smithtravelingwinechick.com