English presentation coach, media trainer and award-winning Hollywood/New York/London television producer/director.

Connect with any audience

You can be a winner by confidently captivating, influencing and motivating your audience. I can help you achieve that!

Personal Presentation Coaching

I help you find your winning persona and build self-confidence to get your message across. In addition, I provide transformational personal presentation coaching. This is accomplished by analyzing performance, content and body language with professional video recording, therefore helping you achieve winning results. I’ve helped over 500 business leaders release their potential by knowing how to connect with their audience and motivate them to act.

Media Training for Professionals

With my advanced media encounter training and workshops, you will know how to prepare and answer even the most difficult questions with ease. In addition, you will be able to take control of the interview and feel comfortable in a television studio or on location. You will know what not to wear, when and how to use a teleprompter and learn to deal successfully with even the most aggressive interviewers.

Virtual Camera Performance Coaching for Video Meetings and Sales Presentations

During our virtual presentation performance coaching session, you learn how to come off in a more genuine, comfortable and professional way with prospects and customers. The coaching session is tailored to your specific needs, concerns, strengths and weaknesses.

virtual video conference coaching

What people say

Louise B ANDREW (Briggs)

I know Rudi to be a superb film maker as well as an effective communicator and teacher. So I would highly recommend him in any case, but perhaps ESPECIALLY if your presentation needs to be on camera! This is a rare combination of skill sets.

Didier Duret
Chief Investment Officer - ABN AMRO Bank

“You helped me identify the root of the problem. You are the best media teacher that I know.”

Stéphan Boerhof
Communication Event Coordinator - Nissan

“Rudi has the ability to create high impact performers.”

Bill Mullen
Senior Director Global Process Excellence Nike

“I don’t dread speaking engagements – I now enjoy them. The training was a great investment.  I sent all of my IT management team through it too, it made a big difference to our ability to communicate technical information to non-technical people.”

Nico Anten
Chairman - Connekt

“A PR consultant told me that I used a very convincing and conversational way of speaking. It really seems the training is paying off.”

Gaëlle Le Grouiec
Customer Quality Director - Infiniti Europe

“You’ve changed my life! I can confirm that I take advantage of your training every day.”

on-camera presentation coaching/directing - English

Television Producer/Director

Most people know me as presentation and media interview coach here in Europe. However, many don’t realize my back ground in the television business back in the U.S. and in Europe. This rich TV directing experience has helped me to be very good at helping you today.

Clients - old and new

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