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What My Clients Say

I help you find your winning persona and build self-confidence to get your message across.

David L. Simon
Media & Entertainment Expert - Los Angeles, California

“I had the rare opportunity of working with Rudi when I ran Disney’s International Production Company in London. Rudi is a talented, detail-oriented and collegial individual. I would always look forward to working with Rudi again.”

Louise B ANDREW (Briggs)

I know Rudi to be a superb film maker as well as an effective communicator and teacher. So I would highly recommend him in any case, but perhaps ESPECIALLY if your presentation needs to be on camera! This is a rare combination of skill sets.

Fergus Nolan
Senior Director of Technology Nike

Rudi is true leader in his field. It’s not often that an engagement with one individual can leave behind such a lasting positive legacy but that is what Rudi and his team have achieved. Many years on my team still reference their learning and experience from their time with Rudi

Ward Schelkamp
Head of Owner Advisory Services COFRA Holding AG

“Participated in Rudi’s presentation training: hands-on approach, talking from deep experience, offering feedback in a constructive and precise and nuanced manner. It was intensive and therefore powerful!”

Peter Veenman
Vice Managing Director Energis N.V.

“Your training gave me the confidence to begin presenting in a more effective way and to take a step toward a higher level of communicating.”  

Chris Fletcher
Vice President/Managing Director Aberdeen Group, Inc.

“Most valuable training sessions I have attended in the last five years.”

Paul Koster
Board Member Autoriteit Financiële Markten

“After this training it is abundantly clear that the appreciation for my presentations has increased significantly. The expressions of support for presented ideas and solutions has grown simultaneously.”

Ingrid Fuchs-Marsolo
Head Training & Development ABN AMRO Bank

“A great experience, recommended to anyone who is exposed on camera.”

Emilia Langtry
Owner - EM Vision Visual Design

“Rudi has a clear vision of how best to present material while keeping the storyline front and center. He has a keen eye in identifying pain points and opportunities, using his skill as presentation coach to bring people further in becoming better communicators.”

Jan Klein
Owner - Staffelter Hof, Mosel Winery

“Even when you’re not used to be in front of a camera much, he makes you feel at ease and behave naturally in order to generate maximum authenticity of people and places.”

Didier Duret
Chief Investment Officer - ABN AMRO Bank

“You helped me identify the root of the problem. You are the best media teacher that I know.”

Stéphan Boerhof
Communication Event Coordinator - Nissan

“Rudi has the ability to create high impact performers.”

Bill Mullen
Senior Director Global Process Excellence Nike

“I don’t dread speaking engagements – I now enjoy them. The training was a great investment.  I sent all of my IT management team through it too, it made a big difference to our ability to communicate technical information to non-technical people.”

Nico Anten
Chairman - Connekt

“A PR consultant told me that I used a very convincing and conversational way of speaking. It really seems the training is paying off.”

Gaëlle Le Grouiec
Customer Quality Director - Infiniti Europe

“You’ve changed my life! I can confirm that I take advantage of your training every day.”

James Wright
Vice President - Infiniti Europe

“Exactly pitched at the right level for me. Correct tone & combination of teaching/interactive – time well spent!”

Jerald J. Stricker
Resident Manager - UL International France S.A.

“I learned that I can take control and be more confident. Thank you for an experience that will benefit me forever.”

Reinout van Lennep
Managing Director - ABN AMRO Bank (Switzerland)

“I can honestly say that your training was invaluable and crucial. You really made a difference!”

Paul Burger
General Manager Dealer Relations - Hitachi

“The sessions were inspiring. I recommend Rudi and his team to anyone looking for detailed, professional media training.”

Christian Beek
Manager - Amsterdam Intercontinental Hotel

“Lessons learned thanks to his wisdom are still highly relevant, 5 years after.”

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