Personal Presentation Coaching

I help you find your winning persona and build self-confidence to get your message across.

To excel, you must have the confidence to be genuine and to express your views and ideas convincingly in your own unique way

In my 25 years as a presentation coach, I am totally convinced that “what you say and how you say it” makes all the difference when presenting to anyone. Knowing your audience is crucial. In addition, you must have clear and targeted objectives. Your key messages must captivate and be convincing. They have to address your audience’s needs, concerns, hopes and dreams.

Furthermore, your audiences need to sense that you can be trusted. It’s crucial for your talk to be precisely organized to captivate and convince. After that, it’s important to provide evidence that supports your ideas (proof of concept). You must be prepared to answer difficult questions.

Depending on your specific needs, I often work with expert native-English speaking co-trainers who have years of experience in helping you to get the right message out to your target audience.  This is especially important if English is not your native tongue.

As a transformational presentation coach, I can help you achieve this level of professionalism, presence and skill – Rudi Goldman

Ward Schelkamp
Head of Owner Advisory Services COFRA Holding AG

“Participated in Rudi’s presentation training: hands-on approach, talking from deep experience, offering feedback in a constructive and precise and nuanced manner. It was intensive and therefore powerful!”

Reinout van Lennep
Managing Director - ABN AMRO Bank (Switzerland)

“I can honestly say that your training was invaluable and crucial. You really made a difference!”

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