on-camera presentation coaching

Media Training for Professionals

I help you find your winning persona and build self-confidence to get your message across.

My powerful proprietary program has been developed and proven successful for over 25 years

This media coaching/training program promotes highly successful media relationships. My method reduces the risk of false or misleading information being released to journalists, therefore preventing possible crisis situations in your organization. You will experience intensive on-camera interviews, which are video recorded and played back with in-depth personal coaching. After that, you will appear confident and arrive totally prepared for your interviews.

 I work with co-trainers who have years of  experience in media interviewing and investigative journalism. English is our native tongue. Not only will you be more confident about what you are saying in an interview, but how you say it. This is especially important if English is not your mother language.

As a transformational media coach, I can help you achieve this level of professionalism, presence and skill. – Rudi Goldman

Paul Burger
General Manager Dealer Relations - Hitachi

“The sessions were inspiring. I recommend Rudi and his team to anyone looking for detailed, professional media training.”

Christian Beek
Manager - Amsterdam Intercontinental Hotel

“Lessons learned thanks to his wisdom are still highly relevant, 5 years after.”

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