Television Producer / Director

Most people know me as presentation and media interview coach here in Europe, but many don’t realize my back ground in the television business back in the U.S. and how that has helped me to be very good at helping you today.

Leadership, teamwork and media presentation

I learned all about developing leadership and communication skills firsthand as a United States Air Force Captain, aircraft commander and instructor pilot. However, I’ve spent most of my life as a television producer/director, coaching all kinds of people, both professional and non-professional, to communicate their story in the best possible way.

Over the years, I’ve done just that at local public television stations in the Mid-West. After that in Chicago and later in the “Big Time” in Hollywood, New York and London. I directed and national produced programs for CBS, ABC, PBS, HBO, Showtime, Arts & Entertainment Channel, The Disney Channel and more.

I’m a member of the the Directors Guild of America & the American Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

In addition, some of my productions have recognized internationally:

ACE Awards
Gold, Silver, Bronze – International Film/TV Fest of NY
Bronze Hugo – Chicago International Film Festival
Best Documentary – Los Angeles Film Awards
Award Winner – International Wine Film Festival Santa Barbara, California
Gold Video Award – RIAA
Winner – Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards
Gold Winner – International Independent Film Awards
Gold Award- Broadcaster’s Promotion Association
Silver Award – Houston International Film Festival

Emilia Langtry
Owner - EM Vision Visual Design

“Rudi has a clear vision of how best to present material while keeping the storyline front and center. He has a keen eye in identifying pain points and opportunities, using his skill as presentation coach to bring people further in becoming better communicators.”

Jan Klein
Owner - Staffelter Hof, Mosel Winery

“Even when you’re not used to be in front of a camera much, he makes you feel at ease and behave naturally in order to generate maximum authenticity of people and places.”

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