virtual video conference coaching

Live Online Video Conference Sales Presentation Coaching

During our 90-minute live virtual coaching session, you learn how to come off in a more comfortable and professional way on camera with prospects and customers.

I can help you be more relaxed, confident, persuasive and achieve more sales using video conferencing

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, sales teams are having fewer face-to-face sales opportunities.  With company travel bans or requirements to work out of the office, personal sales meetings are rapidly being replaced by virtual video conferencing from your home or hotel room.

I can appreciate the idea that many of you are not that comfortable trying to close deals virtually and may be apprehensive about your future success.  However, during our coaching session, I can help you to be more relaxed, confident, persuasive and achieve better results working on-camera.

The coaching session is tailored to your specific concerns, needs, strengths and weaknesses. Performance issues covered may include: eye contact, facial expressions, movement, using your natural energy and hand gestures.  Technical issues may address: camera (angle, positioning and stability), improving framing, lighting, choosing backgrounds and improving your sound. Other tips:  How to prepare and begin your virtual meetings.

During our 90-minute virtual video conference coaching session, you learn how to come off in a more comfortable and professional way with prospects and customers, so you can form better relationships on-camera and close more deals.

virtual video conference coaching
Louise B ANDREW (Briggs)

I know Rudi to be a superb film maker as well as an effective communicator and teacher. So I would highly recommend him in any case, but perhaps ESPECIALLY if your presentation needs to be on camera! This is a rare combination of skill sets.

Jan Klein
Owner - Staffelter Hof, Mosel Winery

“Even when you’re not used to be in front of a camera much, he makes you feel at ease and behave naturally in order to generate maximum authenticity of people and places.”

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